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Nutley Police Blotter July 22 - 28, 2017



Please note: All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a Court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing.


******Theft of Services – A Belleville Taxi driver contacted Police in an effort to collect a fare of $17.00. The passenger stated that they needed to go inside and get the money and never returned to the vehicle. Officers attempted to raise someone inside of the residence with negative results. Headquarters reached out to the number that called the cab service and spoke with a party that said they did not know the passenger, but they had knocked on their door and requested they call a cab. The driver was advised of their right to sign complaints with the Municipal Court for theft of services if they wished to do so. No further details.


****Property Damage – Coeyman Avenue – Officers were dispatched to the area regarding a report of wires down. A large branch had fallen from a privately owned tree of the residence causing the wires to be torn from the house onto the ground. Nutley Fire Department arrived on scene to cut the wires, and the resident was advised of the situation and to contact FiOS to have new wires ran. The case number was given to the homeowner in the event they need to contact their insurance company. Nothing further.

*****Property Damage – Yantacaw Place – Response was made to the location regarding property damage to a window that was accidentally hit by a lacrosse ball while playing in the area. Observed was shattered glass and damage to the window. A representative of the BOE was contacted and stated they would address the issue. Pictures were taken and placed into media. No further Police action.

*******Theft – Park Avenue – Officers responded to the area regarding a stolen bicycle. The victim stated that they noticed their bike gone when they went to go for a ride. The bike is usually locked to a wooden gate at their apartment complex. It should be noted that the bike was found lying on the ground and the lock cut approximately two weeks prior, but was not reported to Police until this incident. The cycle is described as a "Liv" brand bicycle, teal blue in color, with a big white basket on the front that would make the bicycle very distinguishable. Since customizations were made to the bike it is valued at approximately $600.00. The victim will attempt to locate the serial number and receipt to add to the report.


******Theft – Hudson Street - Headquarters received a report regarding a past occurred theft. The victim stated that they left their work boots on their front porch and when they went to retrieve them they were gone. A neighbor across the street reviewed their security cameras and discovered a white male actor, 40-50 years of age, wearing no shoes or shirt, go onto the victim’s property and put on the work boot before walking off. No further information at this time.

*******Theft – Park Avenue – Headquarters received a report regarding a past occurred theft. The victim’s stated that while at the Nutley Flea Market event Saturday, one of their US Currency Books went missing.

The value of all the bills combines is approximately $1,000.00. The victims did not notice anyone activing suspicious near their stand. The serial numbers for the bills could not be supplied.


*******Theft from Vehicle – Kenzel Avenue - Officers were dispatched to the area regarding a theft from a vehicle. The victim stated that they received an alert on their phone alerting them that the vehicle’s door handles were lifted. Additionally, they found a variety of items missing from the center console. The vehicle doors were left unlocked and there was no damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. The Detective Bureau was contacted and responded to the scene and assumed control of the investigation.

*******Theft from Vehicle – Kenzel Avenue - While canvassing the area for any other burglarized vehicles, Officers found a vehicle with the front passenger’s side door ajar. The interior was checked and the center console and glove box were opened and several items were scattered about the interior. There was no damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. The Detective Bureau was contacted and responded to the scene and assumed control of the investigation.

********Theft from Vehicles – Hazel Terrace – Officers responded regarding two vehicles that were found burglarized this morning while parked in the driveway of the home. One vehicle had already been removed from the scene, but the second auto was found with the passenger door ajar, the glove box open, and papers removed. The Detective Bureau was notified and responded to process the scene.

********Theft from Vehicle – Hazel Terrace – Another call was received regarding a vehicle that had been broken into. Officers observed the sunglass holder open, the driver’s side visor was down, and the glove compartment was open. The Detective Bureau was advised and responded to process the vehicle for possible fingerprints. The neighborhood was canvassed for any additional information.

*********Burglary – Linden Place – Officers responded to the area regarding an unlocked vehicle that was found rummaged through. Vehicle was unable to be processed as it had been removed from scene this morning and entered multiple times prior to being reported to police.

*******Criminal Mischief – River Road – The victim contacted Police to report damage done to their vehicle. Observed were scratches and footprints on the hood, with an unknown liquid – possible urine. Due to the size of the footprint it seems as if a juvenile or female must have jumped on the hood of the car and urinated. Actor/s are unknown.

********Shoplifting – Franklin Avenue – Officers responded to a local business where the owner stated that a regular customer came into the store and purchased $1,014.00 worth of lottery scratch off tickets and only paid $800.00. The customer stated that they would run out to their truck to get the rest of the money$214.00, which the store owner allowed. The customer never returned with the balance of the money and has not been back to the store since the incident. The owner was advised of their right to sign complaints against the actor/s should their identity become known.

********Burglary – Franklin Avenue – A past occurred burglary was reported to Officers. The victim stated that numerous items were taken from their apartment. No forced entry was observed to any of the egresses of the complex. The victim was provided with a stolen property form to list the missing items. Total value of all items is estimated at over $6,000.00. The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident, arrived to the scene, and took over the investigation.


*********Theft – Park Avenue - A party working for a security company contracted by T-Mobile contacted Police regarding the theft of twelve (12) backup batteries with a total value of $3,600.00. There was an open fence observed near the location of the equipment boxes. The Detective Bureau arrived to process the scene and assume the investigation.

********Theft – Emily Avenue – Headquarters received a report regarding a theft. The victim stated that they hired someone to do work at their residence, including a signed contract, paid ½ upfront, and has not heard from the contractor after many attempts to try to communicate the scheduling of the work. This contractor has been hired prior to this incident by the homeowner with no previous incidents. Officers tried contacting the contractor with negative results. Additionally, BelleviIle PD was contacted to make a notification at the address within their jurisdiction to have the actor contact Nutley Police Department. Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

********Motor Vehicle Stop – Franklin Avenue – Patrol initiated a motor vehicle stop that resulted in the arrest of Derek Foy, 27, of Jamaica, Queens, NY, for an outstanding warrant out of Newark. He was transported to Headquarters without incident, able to post the appropriate bail, issued three summonses for Suspended Driver’s License, Expired Driver’s License, Improper U-Turn, and released from custody.


********Burglary – Franklin Avenue – Officers responded to the area and were led inside a school bus where drug paraphernalia was found. Observed a clear bag, a cigar wrapper on the seat of the bus, the inside of the cigar on the floor of the bus, and the emergency door located at the rear of the bus was open. Additionally, there was also a distinct odor of marijuana inside of the school bus. The Detective Bureau was contacted and responded to the area to process the scene and assume the investigation.

*******Robbery – Pershing Avenue – While on patrol, Officers were flagged down by a resident that stated while she was walking to the rear parking lot of their apartment complex they heard someone walking behind them and upon turning around she observed an unknown male, wearing a black mask that pulled her pocketbook strap from her shoulder. As the victim pulled the bag back the momentum caused her to fall on the ground, sustaining injury to her hip and a small abrasion on her hand. After the male suspect took the pocket book, he entered a black vehicle and fled towards Belleville. The vehicle was later apprehended in Newark after Belleville Police pursued and arrested three suspects. All were charged with robbery and conspiracy. The Nutley Rescue Squad responded to treat the victim and she later went to an area hospital for her injuries. The Detective Bureau was contacted and arrived on scene to investigate.

********Theft from Vehicle – Union Avenue – Officers responded to the area on a report of a theft from vehicle. Upon arrival the victim stated that several items were stolen from inside the vehicle.

******Theft from a Vehicle -Speer Place -on a report of a theft from vehicle. Several items left in the center console were stolen and the doors were not locked while the victim was working. No further information at this time.

*********Theft from Vehicle – Rev. Roberts Place – the victim stated to Police that their vehicle was left unlocked and rummaged through. Observed was the center console open, phone charger on the ground next to car, and two sets of spare keys for other vehicles found near the upper parking lot. Detective Bureau arrived on scene to process for possible evidence.

*********Field Interview – Vincent Place – Officers responded to the area regarding a report of a suspicious male wearing a striped shirt and blue jeans allegedly urinating as he was walking down the street. The party was located and found to have a plastic bag containing a green leafy vegetative substance field tested positive for marijuana. Shaking Davis, 27, of Nutley, was taken into custody and transported to Headquarters. He was charged with Possession of Marijuana advised of his Court date, and was released. No further information at this time.

*******Motor Vehicle Stop – William Street – Patrol conducted a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of Anthony Arguelles, 20, of Bloomfield. He was transported to Headquarters without incident, charged with Possession of CDS, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, issued motor vehicle summonses for Possession of CDS in Motor Vehicle, Failure to wear Seatbelt, advised of his Court date and released from custody.

*******Juvenile Complaint – Funston Place – Officers responded to the area regarding a report of four suspicious juveniles, all wearing backpacks, with one individual with ski goggles, and carrying spray cans. After a brief interview the juveniles stated that they did use the spray can on the ground in the park. All parties were transported to Headquarters where their parents/guardians responded to take custody of their children. Juvenile Bureau to conduct follow-up investigation. Photographs were taken of the graffiti.


********TWO Stolen Motor Vehicles – Satterthwaite Avenue – Homeowner contacted Police after walking outside their residence this morning and observing two vehicles from the driveway stolen. Both vehicle were left unlocked overnight, with one having the keys to both vehicles in it. Additionally, inside of one of the vehicles was a MacBook Pro multiple credit cards, and NJ driver’s license. The victims were advised to cancel their credit cards, contact EZ Pass for updated information, and to change the locks on their home due to the house keys being left in the vehicle. Both vehicles were entered stolen into the date base. No further action.

************Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding a new set of checks that were ordered but never received by the victim. It was found that three (3) of the missing checks were cashed at an unknown Chase Bank. The total dollar amount for the fraudulent checks is approximately $2,100.00. The financial institution has been advised and the account closed. There are no suspects at this time.


******Arrest of Auto Burglar- Nutley Police responded to New Milford to take custody of 20 y/o Dashawn Bowens of Jersey City. Nutley Police investigating a rash of Thefts From Autos were able to obtain evidence linking Bowens to more than 19 thefts from autos in June. Since then he remained at large and is believed to be responsible for several recent thefts as well. He was transported to Essex Jail Pending a court hearing.


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