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Anyone who has information about any crimes can send a (non emergent) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log into www.tipsoft.com and search Nutley


********Fraud - Police received a report regarding fraud. The victim stated that someone opened a Verizon account in their name and received a bill for $95.00. Verizon cancelled the account and the victim contacted the three credit agencies and nothing else was opened in their name. After being advised of the National database for Identity Theft victims, they declined the opportunity at the time of the report.

********Criminal Mischief – Cross Street – Officers responded to the area and were advised by the residents that an egg was thrown at their window and they saw two juveniles in dark clothing running down the hill into the park.


*******Criminal Mischief – River Road – The victim reported to Police that their vehicle was damaged while parked in their complex. Observed was the casing to the driver’s side mirror broken off and the driver’s side door appeared to have a foot mark on it.

******Attempted Theft from Vehicle – St. Mary’s Place – Police responded to the area on a report of criminal mischief. The victim stated their work van was damaged throughout the course of the night. The lock to the side door had been knocked out. Several tools stolen from within. Detective Bureau investigating.


**********Fraud – Police received a report. The victim stated that they mailed a check for their rent and upon checking the status of said check, they found that it was forged by an unknown party. The check was altered in every area except the signature of the victim. Upon alerting their financial institution, they were advised that the check has already been cashed. A new checking account was opened and was advised of how to obtain a copy of their report. Detective Bureau advised.


******Criminal Mischief – Church Street – Officers were directed to the area regarding an incident of criminal mischief. The victim stated that they parked their vehicle in their assigned parking space and when they returned to their vehicle they noticed black spots all over the front hood of their vehicle.

*******Suspicious Incident – Centre Street – Officers were dispatched to the area regarding a suspicious incident. The victim stated that they heard someone ring their bell, knock on their door, and then attempt to gain entry by trying their doorknob. Observed was a gray SUV with a trailer attached parked across the street. The driver was a white male, approximately 5’8” in height, wearing a red t-shirt, gray jacket, and blue jeans. There was no damage to the door or any damage to any other areas of the home. The victim was advised to contact Headquarters if they should see any suspicious vehicles and/or people in the area of their home. The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

********Township Ordinance – Hillside Avenue - Police arrived on scene and spoke with a party in the rear yard that stated they were burning construction wood. Nutley Fire arrived on scene and extinguished the fire. The homeowner was advised of the situation to which they stated they had no knowledge. A Township Ordinance was issued in violation of Open Burning.


******Property Damage – Yantacaw Place – Upon arrival the homeowner stated that a tree in their backyard had fallen causing damage to the gutter and minimal damage to the roof. Nothing further.

*******Tree Limbs Down – 2 on High Street, Knox Place, - A Township tree limb came down and fell on a vehicle causing damage to the rear right tail light. Town shade tree was notified of the tree limb. At another location on High Street, a tree located adjacent to the home had a large tree limb fall on the front side of the home. No one was injured or required medical attention. The homeowner was advised that since the tree was located on their property it was their responsibility. On Knox Place an 11 year-old was struck on the head from a tree limb that fell. Nutley Fire and EMS responded and evaluated the juvenile and the parent refused further medical attention and signed accordingly. Shade Tree responded and removed the tree limb from the roadway.

*******Property Damage – Cottage Place – Officers responded to the area regarding damage done to a vehicle from a downed tree. Observed was a large tree originally on the property of Nichols Park collapsed onto the property. A branch from the tree caused what seemed to be minor damage to the passenger side of the homeowner’s vehicle. Shade Tree was advised and would be responding to remove the tree from the property.

*******Property Damage – Satterthwaite Avenue – Response was made to the area regarding a large branch that had broken off. The branch had taken down multiple cable wires and was leaning onto a power line causing it to pull down towards the ground. PSE&G was notified of the tree limb resting on the power line and stated they would respond to the location. The tree branch was also resting on the side of a vehicle and the driver wanted it documented in the event damage was caused by the tree limb.

********Property Damage – Kenzel Avenue - The homeowner reported to Police that a large tree limb fell on the roof of their home damaging the roof and also causing damage to their vehicle that was parked in their driveway. It was also noted that the damage was reported to the victim’s insurance company.


*******Wire Down – Centre Street – Nutley Fire and Police Officers responded to the area regarding a live downed electrical wire that damaged the weather-head of the home it was originally attached to and was lying across the roadway. There was also a cable or telephone wire that was ripped from the home. Officers fixated caution tape around the area of the wire and temporarily diverted traffic away from the area.

******Property Damage – Hillside Avenue – Response was made to the area on a report of property damage. The victim stated that a tree branch fell on their vehicle while it was parked in the parking lot located on the northeast side of the lot. Officers observed a tree branch laying over the rear driver’s side of the vehicle. The vehicle did not appear to have any significant body damage other than possible paint scratches. The tree was determined to be a private tree on the property and the management company was advised of the incident and will respond for removal and repairs. Nothing further.

********Property Damage – Shephard Place – Headquarters received a walk in report of property damage. The victim stated that a tree branch fell off a Township tree located in front of their house on the curbside. The branch caused damage, a dent, to the driver’s side fender.


********Township Ordinance – Walnut Street – Officers responded to the area regarding a property that was not shoveled. The front sidewalk and the walkway from the sidewalk to the residence had not been shoveled and were still covered in snow. The residence appeared to be vacant. The owner was issued a Township Ordinance 610.3 - snow is to be removed within 36 hours of the end of a snow event.

********Township Ordinance – Villa Place - response was made to a residence that had snow on the front sidewalk. A Township Ordinance 610-1 – snow removal required by abutting landowners & apartment owners within 36 hours – was issued and mailed to the registered owner. No further information at this time.


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