Harmless intruder enjoys a smoke in Montclair high school & alerts team to security issue


A homeless man managed to enter Montclair High School and enjoy a cigarette today - but security quickly removed him. No one was in any danger from the incident, and Principal Anthony M. Grosso sent out a note to families quickly.

“Dear MHS Parents/Guardians,

This morning at 6:54 am, during non-instructional hours, a homeless man entered the building through an auditorium door that was open for teacher access and he was in the auditorium lobby smoking a cigarette. A student saw him through the door and called the police. The student did not enter the building and did not come in contact with the man. After calling the police, the student reported it to the Main Office. Security was immediately notified and several security guards went to the auditorium lobby, but the man was already leaving. All doors are normally locked and moving forward, we will be especially diligent that all doors are kept locked unless a security guard is posted at the door. We will be meeting as an administrative and safety team to ensure that a situation like this does not occur again, and we will be proactive with all safety and security measures and all access points to the building.”

The high school has excellent security set up at the main entrance, with photo ID required. New security protocols are now promised to be set up at other points of access.