Khalid Khan Indicted for Murder of Montclair Mom Shazmina Khan

Diane Lilli

The murder was shocking, and the woman left to die in her own home was a Montclair mother and well known resident, only 31 years old at the time of her death.

Yesterday, the Essex County Prosecutor's office announced Khalid Khan of Bloomfield was indicted for the murder of his estranged wife, Shazmina Khan. Besides the murder and weapons charges brought against Khalid Khan, he is also being charged with endangering a child.

It is alleged Khalid Khan murdered the young mother while their 8-year ol daughter was in the apartment. Allegedly, Khan cut her throat and left her die in their apartment bathroom on Wheeler St. in Montclair.

Shazmina Khan was found dead on July 3, 2010. There was a history of prior domestic complaints.The couple had been separated since 2009
Both Khans immigrated to the U.S. from Kenya.

Domestic Violence Takes the Life of 3 Women Per Day in the U.S.

Here is a copy of Monica's Law, a bill that would help protect anyone who is in danger due to the violent threats of a domestic partner. Monica Paul was a young Montclair mother who was shot to death in front of her children at the YMCA in Montclair, and her loved ones havekept her story alive, with candlelight marches and memorials.
This bill would create a safety net for all victims of domestic violence.

In Honor of Monica Paul, Victim of Domestic Violence



Women who have official documented evidence of domestic violence i.e. hospital or police reports; have the right to withhold visitation of their child for fear of their life and or the life of their children.


Pursuant to a restraining order visitation rights of ht e father will only be re-instituted after the father has successfully undergone risk assessment by a public official trained in domestic violence.


Violating a restraining order will have a punishment of 3 - 5 years; equivalent to a gun charge.


If the offender is convicted; the offender must wear an electronic device that notifies he victim as well as the police when he/she is within proximity.
Updates to follow.