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Update on Tragedy in Park Slope

Protestors Demand Safe Streets from Mayor de Blasio after tragic deaths of 2 small children in Park Slope

Driver, 44, has history of seizures, heart issues and other issues that could lead to loss of control

Diane Lilli

The horrific deaths of 2 very small children, ages 1 and 4, as they walked with their mom's across a crosswalk with the light on their side, is sending shock waves and anger across Park Slope, a family friendly town with many young children who call it home.

At issue is the fact that even when you cross in the crosswalk - with the light supposedly keeping you safe - a driver can take your life or of your children. And, as yesterday, that driver just might be driving legally in spite of the fact she has episodes of seizures and other serious ailments.

Park Slope protestors made their feelings and demands loud and clear yesterday, screaming at Mayor de Blasio as he showed up for his morning exercise at the Park Slope YMCA.

After yesterday's horrific tragedy where two very small children, 1 and 4, were killed by an out-of-control driver only a few blocks from the YMCA,legally driving with medical issues such as seizures, cardiac issues and MS, people were furious.

Shouting "Safe Streets Now" and "Make Streets Safer", the YMCA at 9th Street and Sixth Avenue was filled with people both angry and emotional, many with tears in their eyes.

Word spread yesterday that the driver who struck and killed Joshua Lew, 1, and Abigail Miles, 4, was driving with a license but suffered from numerous medical conditions such as MS and seizures.

Both mothers, who are also friends, Lauren Lew and pregnant Ruthie Ann Miles, were also struck and are in stable condition in the hospital.

They had been walking with their young children in the crosswalk when driver Dorothy Bruns,44, careened into them.

The driver suffers from numerous medical issues including cardiac issues, MS and seizures, all of which

could lead to loss of control of a vehicle.

Police took away her license yesterday, and though it is too late to change the tragic incidents that took 2 young lives, the question remains:

Why is it legal for anyone to drive if their medical condition means they lose control of their vehicles?

The laws for getting a driver's license are woefully lax. With a tragedy like this happening in Park Slope, that will forever haunt the families and can never be forgotten, lawmakers should look at these laws and change them immediately.

Park Slope Councilman Brad Lander agreed, asking "Who are the people who are too dangerous to be driving and how do we make sure they they're not?"

Meanwhile, at the emotional protest in Park Slope, Mayor de Blasio said he would redouble his efforts for traffic and pedestrian safety, which is call Vision Zero.

Sadly, in this case, the moniker for this program aptly refers to the program, which once again, has failed its citizens and lead to tragedy.

Local residents said they expect the mayor's office to do something about drivers with medical conditions that may lead to tragedies such as this one.

Updates to follow.


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